C from Detroit

rom: C from Detroit

To the President of FoulMouthShirts,

I am a mother of four and I have concerns about your website. I was carrying laundry up to my 18yr old son’s room yesterday because he’s home from college. He was asleep, but I laid his clean clothes out and happened to see that his laptop was on. I was going to turn it off for him, when I saw your website on the screen. I was curious and looked the website up on my own computer later that evening. I was horrified. What kind of people make their living doing what you do? Some of the products on your site were appalling. Please think carefully about what you are doing to the minds of influential children everywhere. If I see any of your shirts in my son’s laundry, I will bleach them.

– God Help You, C. from Detroit

Our Response:

Look, C…we don’t give a shit if you bleach your son’s clothes OR his mind. If you don’t want him coming to our website, there are applications that you can put on his computer that will keep him from seeing words like FUCK, SHIT, COCK, BALLS, PUSSY, ANAL BLASTING, BUKKAKE, BLOW JOBS, TWATS, TITS, and ASSHOLES. Really, though, he’s just gonna hear that shit somewhere else like school. He’s gonna buy our shirts anyway, because they fuckin’ rock. So you, like millions of other dumbfucks, need to wash the sand out of your vagina and get out of the kiddie pool.

Thanks for the Hatemail,



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