Closed-Minded Fuck

From: Closed-Minded Fuck

Dear Assholes…

I was all good with your website and it made me laugh too. I don’t have a problem with the f-word at all. Your shirts are pretty funny. I looked at your religious section and I couldn’t believe what I saw. You have a shirt that says, “Jesus is Coming. Open Your Mouth” What is that? Why do you got to have that shit for sale when you got so much funny stuff without it?

Our Response:

Let’s make this perfectly clear…foulmouth believes in freedom of speech, bitch. That’s what we’re all the fuck about. Whether it be a knock on fucking your sister or fucking your god, we believe that it’s our right to do so. We’re not just for one aspect of freedom speech…Democrat or Republican, Christian or Athiest, whatever the case may be, we think everyone has the right to say FUCK YOU. Now Fuck off.

Thanks for your letter, you closed-minded fuck.



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