P Dawg

From: P Dawg

To the Fuck-faces at Foul Mouth Assholes

You guys are pricks. I was looking at your site, and everything on there is made to piss somebody off. That’s bullshit. The art sucks. The designs suck. Who wants to wear that shit? NOBODY! You guys aint nothing but a couple of stoners who know how to make shits and make websites. Get a real fuckin’ job! Make some shirts that people can wear out in public or something cool like with art and shit. Who wants shirts and shit that says fuck all on it? I can’t wear that shit to school. Dumb fucks.

– P Dawg

Our Response:

What!?!? We offer a high-quality product to the public! How dare you! Your statement might be right about two stoners who know how to make t-shirts and websites, only that was about three years ago. We’re WAY bigger now. You’re still right about the stoner part…at least where some of us are concerned. Weed helps me piss people off more constructively. Thanks for your concern, but I’m thankful I don’t have to work a “real fuckin’ job.” Working sucks. I can’t believe I do so much voluntarily. Fuck. Honestly, we make shirts that piss people off because we want to give EVERYONE a chance to piss off the target audience of their choice. We’re fucking awesome like that. Now fuck off.

P.S. – P Dawg is a fucking retarded nickname. I bet you gave it to yourself.



One response

  1. Michael Elgin

    fuck yeah, I wear a lot of your shirts to my school. I like wearing the ” I stab people” shirt the most. I gave my girl a ” Yes I’m a bitch, Just not yours”

    July 31, 2011 at 8:41 am

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