From: Sammy

To Liveral Assholes

you have good shirts that have republican stuff on them that is good and i wuld buy it. i wont because you have stuff for liberals too. why would you do that? that’s stupid to do that. you can’t be both and you cant sell both. you guys are just into it for money and you have no devotion for real morals or politics. give me a break. you guys suck.

– Sammy

Our Response:

Liveral assholes? What the fuck is that? Learn some proper grammer before you start bitching at me, man. That shit needed a 3rd grade teacher to correct all of the fucking mistakes in it. Your grasp on the English language aside, I think maybe you should shut the fuck up. Of course we’re in it for the moeny. Why the fuck else would anyone start a business? Our personal politics don’t come into play at all. We have conservatives AND liberals working side-by-side in this place….which is how it SHOULD fucking be. ‘Nuff said. Now shut the fuck up.



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